Private Shoots

Private Shoots are exclusive photo shoots for only you. Suitable for Mermaid Shoots, Underwater Adult Portraits, Underwater Family Shoots, and Underwater Maternity.

As with all of our underwater photo shoots, all participants should be confident in water, and be happy to submerge. For best results you should practice your facial expressions underwater, and rehearse opening your eyes in the pool too. Create some beautiful personal artworks and memories that will last a lifetime.

Underwater Adult Portraits:

If you are looking for some unusual photos of yourself, then underwater is the place to take them.

Mermaid Shoots Underwater:

These Mermaid shoots will give you plenty of time to capture some stunning shots in your mermaid outfit. Borrow a tail or bring your own!

Private Family Shoots

An exclusive 30 minute private photo shoot for your family, will give you ample opportunities to capture the shots you want. Different combinations of family members can be achieved and you can make the most of all your time in the pool.

Underwater Maternity

An Underwater Maternity Photo Shoot is an exciting way to show off your baby bump. You can float freely in the warm water and get into positions that would be impossible on land. The photos from the shoot will be a special artistic record of this important time in your life. 

The best time during your pregnancy to attend an underwater maternity shoot is 26-34 weeks when your tummy is nice and round. Ideally your tummy should be big enough to make an impact in the pictures but not so big that you are uncomfortable or at risk of a water birth in the pool! 

Some props and costumes are provided, as well as chiffon in various colours to drape around yourself.

We have underwater backgrounds in black and blue to achieve different looks in the photographs.